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Starting with Complete Food (Queal, soylent, drinkable meals) can be daunting. You want to change up what you’re eating for the better. Or you want to spend less money, or you want to save more time. Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the 100 most frequently-asked questions about Complete Food, from how to use it, what to use it for, and how it tastes. Go ahead and give it a read!

Yes! This is actually one of the most common misconceptions about Complete Food. Many people assume that if you order Queal, you have to drink it all day, every day. But that’s simply not true. You can replace your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three with Complete Food if you like; it’s really up to you. Queal is simply one (pretty awesome) meal, and the rest is up to you.
Complete Food is not actually about achieving any one type of body goal. Though weight-loss can happen when you switch over to Complete Food, so too can weight gain. It really depends on how you use it and what your food intake was like before. Companies like SlimFast often overlook good nutrition, and instead supplement their products with sugar and other things the body does not need (in such high quantities). The goal of Complete Food is total nutrition. As long as the body is getting everything that it needs, health will follow.
The state of the food industry currently is not good. Healthy products are sold at high prices, whereas unhealthy, dangerous food is offered for a small fraction of that. Complete Food seeks to solve the main issues with the food industry: cost, time, and nutrition. Complete Food can be consumed in under a minute and provide complete nutrition.
The food industry doesn’t care about the health of the consumer. What they want is money, and will sell you anything to get that. You will find that things that are good for your health, such as vegetables and fruits, are much more expensive than things like frozen tv dinners and candy bars. The food industry offers extremely cheap food, but at the cost of your health. Complete Food seeks to disrupt this cycle by offering inexpensive food solutions that are nutritionally-complete. A shake or a bar can substitute any meal, and are packed with everything your body needs, from carbohydrates, to good fats, to vitamins and minerals. How the food industry reacts to this in the long-term will be interesting to see.
Well, there a few things. First, the time it takes to make (and eat) Complete Food is extremely quick. Even eating a sandwich would take longer. Because of this, you do not have to set aside time in your day for preparing and eating your food. 5 minutes and you’re done! Secondly, Complete Food is ideal to take along with you. While we’re sure you’d love to take your oatmeal or fried chicken with you on the train, it’s simply not convenient. Shakes and bars are probably the most mobile kinds of food that exist. Lastly, if you frequently go out to eat or buy groceries that eventually go bad, Complete Food is most likely the vastly cheaper option. With meals usually not costing above 2 euros, that’s some major savings.
Yes! One of the biggest pluses of Complete Food is the fact that none of the suppliers directly contribute to the biggest causes of global warming (see: meat industry). While many companies include whey protein, this is simply a byproduct of the cheese-making process, something that would have been discarded anyways. Not only that, but Complete Food is great for water conservation, and can really help reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Basically, if everyone ate Complete Food, the world would be in a much better place than it is now. Read more about sustainability here and here.
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Complete Food, in a nutshell, is a functional, nutritionally-complete food that can be consumed anywhere at anytime. Each meal of 400-700kcal contains 100% of your daily recommended vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Complete Foods usually come in powder, bar, or RTD (ready to drink) form and require minimal to no prep work and clean up.
Though recipes differ from company to company, the main areas of Complete Foods are (good) fats, protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. These nutrients are provided by ingredients such as oats, corn, whey protein, soy protein, and different types of oils. In addition to the nutrients, Complete Foods also contain a complete vitamin and mineral profile. Learn more from our recipe and nutrition pages.
Unlike traditional food, Complete Food can and is all of the above. While Complete Food is used (and meant) mainly as a meal, people find great way to integrate it into their already-existing diet. For example, many athletes and bodybuilders simply drink a shake or eat a bar right after an intense workout so that their body is able to recover more quickly because of the great nutritional profile they are taking in. This does not necessarily replace a meal for them, but adds on to their 3+ meals in the day. Likewise, a student studying all hours of the night might opt for a piece of a bar or prepare a small shake (200-300kcal) to get themselves alert and awake. Complete Foods are great in a sense that they can be used for anything. It really only depends on what you need it for at any given time.
A long time! Most expiration dates for powder are between 1-2 years, whereas the liquid options are usually good for 9-12 months. So basically, when the apocalypse hits, you’ll be good for quite a while.
This varies between the products and suppliers of Complete Food. One company may have extremely mild flavours (or no flavours at all), while another might offer a variety of different flavours that are vastly different from one another. In general, however, most Complete Food tends to be medium in terms of flavour strength. You’re going to be drinking at least 500ml of it at a time, so don’t expect it to be as strong as your Saturday night vodka shots.
Not necessarily. Complete Food is much cheaper than eating out or buying a lot of groceries that will eventually end up in the trash (a phenomenon that is currently going on right now). However, eating a peanut butter sandwich everyday for lunch might very well be cheaper than Complete Food. That being said, a peanut butter sandwich does not provide 100% of your daily recommended nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Not only that, but Complete Food is much easier to take with you, as it usually comes in shake or bar form. Taking oatmeal with you when you’re in a hurry seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
The idea of drinking your meal has actually been around for a very long time. However, it has always been difficult to get the nutrition right. With Complete Food, the main idea is to be getting the complete, correct nutrition in a manner that is easily consumed and digested.
Very probably. Of course if you make a very small meal than you will be hungry again soon. But if you make an average meal of between 500 and 700 kcal you will feel full just like with a normal meal. There are usually a lot of oats in Complete Food and can lead to a healthy feeling of fullness.
At the moment, there is no conclusive study that links Complete Foods to long-term health benefits. However, many people who consume Complete Foods notice a positive effect on their health in the weeks and months following their consumption. This includes a reported weight loss for many who have taken our Complete Food 2017 Survey. Hopefully, as the Complete Food industry grows, there will be more conclusive, long-term studies conducted into this matter.
Every health problem has it's own specific symptoms. Therefore we can't make a generalized statement about what could work for you or not. Please consult with your doctor first before trying Complete Foods.
Yes! If you do not suffer any food allergies, Complete Food can help with your digestion. The fact that it contains 100% of what your body needs to function is great for your body and stimulates it to function as optimally as possible. It can be normal to experience a bit of stomach issues during the first week or so, as your body gets used to the new diet. This is mostly an effect of you eating enough fibres, where before many people (on average) eat not enough fibres. Luckily, this will pass soon.
Well, yes and no. Some people go over to a Complete Food diet cold turkey, which naturally sort of shocks the system. This can result in some digestive issues during the first week or two. However, these symptoms go away after the body gets used to Complete Food. Others, however, actually suffer from mild allergic reactions that they did not know they had before. These symptoms do not go away, of course, as the person usually needs to identify what is causing the reaction and eliminate it from their diet.
Yes! Even though salads are oftentimes very healthy (with the occasional exception, looking at you McDonalds), they often do not provide a complete macro/micro nutrient profile. Complete Food is able to provide this, with the added benefit of no clean up and almost no prep.
Your doctor of course knows best, and is most likely giving this advice due to a medical condition that you may have. However, if you would like a more educated opinion, we advise you to see a nutritionist. They will be able to understand food better than a doctor. However, do keep in mind that since Complete Food is a relatively new idea in its present state, any doctor or nutritionist might point to the lack of any solid empirical evidence and testing to dissuade you from trying Complete Food.
Although we are not doctors, we can confidently say yes to this. An old colleague of ours, Laurens, wrote a great piece on how Complete Food (specifically Queal) has helped him overcome many of the more challenging aspects of being diabetic. He is able to adapt his amount of insulin according to how many carbohydrates he consumes. Complete Foods is perfect for this, because you know exactly what and how much you are putting in your body, and can easily count carbs. Not only is this perfect for Laurens’ situation, but he also noticed a rise in energy levels due to his blood glucose levels becoming more stable. Having a good diet is beneficial to anyone, whether it be someone with diabetes, or someone who simply wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you want to read more about Laurens’ story, check it out here.
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Only if you let it. People who drink Complete Food still find lots of time to spend with friends and family, and indulge in a traditional meal anytime they want. If anything, consuming Complete Food will allow you to have more time to game, exercise, hang out with friends, etc. You’re in control.
There’s a really big misconception that Complete Food is only for younger people with non-stop, busy lifestyles. While it is really useful for this group of people, we have found that many men and women with families are consuming Complete Food as well. We’ve heard stories from customers that use Complete Food who are able to spend more time with their families because of all the extra time that is freed up. So while Complete Food is very popular with the millennial crowd, it is also is consumed in a large part by middle-aged, family-focused people.
No, we do not recommend that you do this. The reason for this is that all of Complete Food has been formulated to fit an adult diet, and no research has been done into what the effects are on babies and children. If you still want to know if Complete Food might be good for your children, we suggest you seek the advice of your general practitioner.
Tell them that you will live longer than them. Just kidding. In all seriousness, you can tell them that it’s a nutritionally-complete meal that can be a substitute for anything from sandwiches, to burgers, to pizza, to salads. You can also mention that just because you are having a shake or bar now, doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes indulge in traditional food (unless you really don’t). People are just afraid of what they don’t understand, so helping them understanding will go a long way in their comprehension of Complete Food. Who knows, they might even become converts?
Though the majority of Complete Food users are men, the nutrition is also completely sound for women. For many years, the food industry has tried to convince women to buy similar products. However, these shakes tend to be extremely high in sugar, and not nutritionally-complete. They are touted as ‘diet shakes’ and ‘weight-loss shakes’, which is frankly, rather ludicrous. Complete Food can get you the same results, such as weight-loss and generally better health, but that is because it contains everything your body needs and the body will function just fine if fed correctly. Basically, Complete Food is for everyone.
No, we do not recommend this. Complete Food is made specifically for adult humans, and should not be experimented with on animals. Do so at the risk of your pet (and yourself, when animal control comes calling).
While the majority of Complete Food products are not specifically geared towards athletes, many athletes do eat Complete Food with some kind of supplement on the side for all the energy they burn. However, there are some companies that make tailored versions of their Complete Food products specifically for Athletes. For example, we offer Queal Athletic, which maintains the complete nutritional profile of Queal Standard, but adds extra protein into the mix for those with very active lifestyles. This works out great for our customers, and they are very grateful for the option of a protein boost.
Yes! You definitely can. While it’s not exactly a Christmas-style sit-down dinner, you can definitely share your bars, powder, drinks, etc. with your family members. We even have many customer who buy in bulk for their whole families. Just watch out that someone doesn’t end up eating your stash.
For the most part, people enjoy Complete Food because of convenience. Not having to do any prep work or clean up is one of the main draws outside of nutrition. Additionally, people feel that they are able to save more time by switching to Complete Food. It’s amazing the amount of time spent cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, even eating. Once you start eating Complete Food, you’ll notice a huge excess of time on your hands. Lastly, many people use Complete Food because of the money they save by doing so. People who frequently eat out or order in are the ones who benefit most from this.
Unless you’re the kind of person who needs to fit in to feel self worth, then no. Otherwise, do whatever you want and enjoy yourself! You know what they say, the best revenge is to live well.
People usually drink Complete Foods from a shaker. However, many people who prefer very smooth shakes use blenders for the perfect texture. It’s really up to you, as long as you don’t try to eat the powder raw.
Simple! All you have to do is add water, shake, and drink. It really doesn’t get easier than that.
It really depends on what your goals are for using Complete Food. If your main goal is simply to buy the cheapest option available, we suggest you go for the powder. It is the most affordable Complete Food product across the board. If you’d rather have the convenience of a ready to made drink or bar, and wouldn’t mind spending a few more dollars/euros, then you should try one of those options. Just keep in mind that the powder, drinks, and bars are all just as nutritionally complete as each other; there is no superior product in terms of nutritional value.
Yes! We’ve actually got a whole section on Complete Food recipes here. You’d be surprised at how many awesome, different kind of foods can be made with Complete Food as a recipe. Plus, if you ever get bored of shakes, you can always whip up a cake or a pizza for a (nutritionally-complete) change.
It’s possible, yes. If you maintained a diet high in fat and salt, you may experience a kind of withdrawal during your first week or so of consuming Complete Food. That being said, this stage should pass as your body becomes more accustomed to having good nutrition, and any cravings for bad food will dissipate. The craving for hot food, however, can be a bit trickier. There are typically almost no products on the market that currently offer hot Complete Food options. We actually have an entire page dedicated to Queal recipes that include both hot and cold ideas, such as cookies, bread, and pizza (yes, really). Just like with traditional food, you can often mix and match to meet your particular needs.
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Most Complete Foods are exclusively available online on a company’s webshop. Take ours, for example. If you visit our website you will have the choice between powder, bars, oatmeal, or nootropics. Depending on what you’d like, you can add them to your cart, and then simply check out after selecting your payment method. We offer 4 kinds of powder diet-types, and two flavours of bars, so the selection is pretty huge. If you live within Europe, shipping takes anywhere from 1-7 days, and you receive a tracking link to see where your package is at any given moment. We also ship internationally. Depending on where you are, shipping can take a bit longer, but usually no more than 2 weeks.
If you live in Europe, you will most likely not have to wait more than 5 days, with same day delivery also being possible (in the Netherlands only, currently). Orders to the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany, for example, only take a few days time. It’s a relatively quick process, and you will be able to track your package via tracking link the day after you place your order. If you live outside of Europe, shipping times can take a bit longer. However, depending on where you live, it should not take longer than 14 days, and in most cases, only 1 week.
Since there are so many options, here is some more information about variations. Most who start with Complete Food start with a powder, and try a bar later on for maximum on-the-go convenience. For example, >our webshop details each product type we offer. Once you click on a type of product you’d like (powder, bar, nootropic), you are brought to that specific product page where you can narrow down even further what you would like. This is most prominent on our powder page, which offers 3 different diet types: Lite, Standard, and Athletic. Lite contains 1800kcal, Standard contains 2100kcal, and Athletic contains 2300kcal. If you are interested in losing weight, Lite might be the right option for you. However, if you are extremely active, and are looking to supplement your current diet with extra calories and protein, the Athletic option is probably what you’ll want to try. Lastly, if you just want to maintain a healthy diet, you should try Standard. We also offer a Taste Tester for those who want to try all the Standard flavours, plus a free shaker, free scoop, and a free manual.
Yes, in most cases. Of course this differs per company, but most will accept your unopened bags.
Yes. If you're going for maximum savings, and maximum convenience. Then nothing beats a subscription. Just select the subscription option when ordering.
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